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Center for Appalachian Studies
Living Learning Center
Academic Bldg.
305 Bodenheimer Dr.
PO Box 3201
Boone, NC 28608-2018
(828) 262-4089
FAX: (828) 262-4087

Program Director
Dr. Patricia Beaver
Room 110

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Bauer
Room 109



Patricia Duane Beaver

Center for Appalachian Studies
Appalachian State University
PO Box 32018
Boone , North Carolina 28608-2018
(828) 262-4089 e-mail:


Ph.D., Anthropology, Duke University, June 1976
B.A., Anthropology, Duke University, June 1970


Director, Center for Appalachian Studies, Appalachian State University, 1997-current,
1980-1984; Acting Director, 1979-1980.

Associate Editor, NWSA Journal (National Women's Studies Association), 1997-2000.

Chairperson, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University, 1984-1992.

Director of Asian Studies, Appalachian State University, 1987-1990.


Professor, 1985-present, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University;
Associate Professor, 1980-1984; Assistant Professor, 1976-80; Instructor, 1974-76.

Exchange Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Northeast University
of Technology, Shenyang , PRC, 1990-91, 1983-84.

Instructor, Department of Sociology-Anthropology, North Carolina State University at
Raleigh , 1973.

Instructor, Department of Anthropology, Duke University, 1973-74; Teaching Assistant,


Appalachian culture, social organization, gender, cultural diversity; Chinese gender issues, contemporary culture; culture in the American South; impacts of public policy on rural families, gender and family organization; race and ethnicity.


University Research Council, ASU, "The Allen School Documentation Project," $4046, 2005-2006

Appalachian Regional Commission Collaborative Teaching Project, 2001 ($1500), 2002 ($3854), 2003 ($2000), 2004 ($5000).

National Park Service: Oral History of the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, 2002 $3910; Oral History of Carl Sandburg Historic Site, 2003, $4045.

Humanities Endowment for Appalachian Studies, NEH Challenge grant, $400,000 award with $1.2 million match. (with Mary Reichel, Fred Hay, Charles Watkins) 2000.

Faculty and Academic Development Grant, Hubbard Center for Faculty and Staff Support, for Publication of Student Writings. Appalachia, Ways of Seeing, Ways of Knowing, 1999-2000.

May-June Award ($1500) from ASU Graduate Studies & Research, for development of grant proposal (NSF) on urban Appalachian ethnicity and class, 1994.

May-June Award ($1000) from ASU Graduate Studies & Research, for analysis of Chinese household economy data survey, 1992.

Asian Studies Curriculum Development Proposal, funded by Title IV Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program, Department of Education, 1988-1990 ($102,000).

ASU Faculty Development & Instructional Services Center proposal (with Peter Petschauer) for Feminist Theory Seminar Series, $1200, 1987.

Humanities Seminar Series for High School Teachers, funded by N.C. Humanities Committee for $2200, co-authored with Alan Hauser, 1986.

Appalshop (from ARC grant) script development project for Land Use Film, Project Director, 1984.

N.C. Humanities Committee funded projects, Project Director:
Mountain Religion and Society, 1980
Conference on Land Ownership and Community Values, 1981.

Appalachian Land Ownership Study follow-up, funded by Needmor Fund, Project Director ($25,000 award), 1980.

Appalachian Land Ownership Study, funded by Appalachian Regional Commission, Project Director ($100,000 contract), 1979-80.


Cratis D. Williams/James S. Brown Award, Appalachian Studies Association, 2004.

Vice President, ASU Chapter, American Association of University Professors, 1996-1998

President, ASU chapter, Phi Kappa Phi, 1995-1996.

Academy of Outstanding Teachers, Appalachian State University College of Arts and Sciences, elected to membership 1995.

President, Southern Anthropological Society, 1993-1994.

Southern Anthropological Society award for Outstanding Leadership, 1992-1995.

Adjunct Professor, Social Sciences faculty, Northeast University of Technology, Shenyang,
PRC, 1991-1992.

Chair, Council of Chairs, ASU, 1989-90.

Phi Kappa Phi, elected to membership, 1987.

Thomas Wolfe Literary Award, Recipient, from Western North Carolina Historical Society, 1986.

Appalachian Award, Recipient, ($1000 prize) for best manuscript on Appalachia, University of Kentucky Press, 1985.

Appalachian Studies Association, President, 1981-82.

Southern Anthropological Society, Counselor, 1980-82.

Council on Appalachian Women, Vice President, 1976-77.

Duke University International Studies Award, 1972.

Duke University Graduate Fellowships, 1970-71, 1971-72, 1973.


(in press) "Womanless Weddings." "The Council on Appalachian Women." "Cratis D. Williams." "Women & Activism." For the Encyclopedia of Appalachia.

2004 William Schumann and Patricia Beaver. "Conversations with the 'Strange' and Familiar." Bevan Foundation Quarterly 4 (Spring/Summer) 2004, 27-31.

2003 "Making a Difference." Now and Then 20 (2-3): 42.

2003 David C. Williams and Patricia D. Beaver, eds. Tales from Sacred Wind: Coming of Age in Appalachia. By Cratis Williams, Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishers.

2002 Review of Ashe County's Civil War: Community and Society in the Appalachian South. By Martin Crawford. The Georgia Historical Quarterly 86:460-462.

2002 Visual Anthropology Review of "Stranger with a Camera." American Anthropologist 103(3):813-814.

2000 and Helen Lewis. " 'Cold Day in Hell' An Interview with Jerry Williamson."
Appalachian Journal 28 (1):78-115.

1999 Guest Editor. NWSA Journal. (National Women's Studies Association). Special Issue "Women in Appalachia and the South: Gender, Race, Region, and Agency." II (3): ix-xxix.

1999 David Cratis Williams and Patricia Beaver, eds. The Cratis Williams Chronicles: I Come to Boone. Boone, NC: Appalachian Consortium Press.

1999 with Darlene Wilson."Transgressions in Race and Place: the Ubiguitous Native Grandmother in America 's Cultural History," in Barbara Ellen Smith (ed.) Neither Separate Nor Equal/Women, Race and Class in the South. Philadelphia: Temple, 34-37.

1998 with Carole E. Hill, ed. Cultural Diversity in the U.S. South: Anthropological Contributions to a Region in Transition. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press.

1998 with Helen Lewis. "Uncovering the Trail of Ethnic Diversity: Ethnicity in Appalachia," in Hill and Beaver (1998).

1998 editor. Leo Finkelstein's Asheville and the Poor Man's Bank. Boone, NC: The Center for Appalachian Studies, ASU.

1997 with Sandra Ballard."Water Flowing from High Ground: A Conversation with Gurney Norman." The Iron Mountain Review.

1997 editor. Letters from Leo: The World War II Diary of Leo Finkelstein. Boone, NC: The Center for Appalachian Studies, ASU.

1996 Review of Carol Stack's Call to Home: African Americans Reclaim the Rural South. Georgia Historical Quarterly LXXX (4):943-945.

1996 Review of Cratis Williams' I Become a Teacher: A Memoir of One Room School Life in Eastern Kentucky. Journal of Appalachian Studies (1):205-208.

1995 Reprint of "The Ideological Present" (from Rural Community in the Appalachian South, Waveland, 1992), in Appalachia Inside Out, Robert Higgs and Ambrose Manning, eds. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press.

1995 Review of Burton Pasternak and Janet W. Salaff's Cowboys and Cultivators: The Chinese of Inner Mongolia. Journal of Developing Societies XI(1):173-174.

1995 "The Chinese Construction of an American Anthropologist," in Bridges to Humanity: Narratives on Anthropology and Friendship, Bruce Grindal and Frank Salamone (eds.). Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland, 22-36.

1995 With Ho Lihui and Wang Xue. "Chinese Women: Two Faces of Economic Reform." Modern China 21(2):205-232.

1994 "You've Got to be Converted." An interview with Helen Matthews Lewis. Reprinted in Interviewing Appalachia; The Appalachian Journal Interviews 1978-1992, J.W. Williamson and Edwin T. Arnold, eds. University of Tennessee Press.

1994 With Melissa Schrift. "Women Mentoring Women: Fieldwork in the People's Republic of China." Anthropology & Humanism Quarterly 18(2):1-8.

1993 Review of Elizabeth Jane Harrison's Female Pastoral: Women Writers Re-Visioning the American South. Appalachian Journal 20(3):308-310.

1992 (New edition) Rural Community in the Appalachian South. Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland.

1991 "The Changing Face of China . Review of Shu-min Huang's The Spiral Road: Change in a Chinese Village through the Eyes of a Communist Party Leader." Anthropology & Humanism Quarterly 16(4):149-150.

1990 "Family, Land & Community." In Appalachia: Social Context Past & Present. Bruce Ergood & Bruce Kuhre, eds. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt. (3rd edition), 299-307.

1990 Review of Holly Matthews (ed.). Women in the South. American Anthropologist 92(3):770-771.

1989 Review of James Brown's Beech Creek: A Study of a Kentucky Mountain Neighborhood. Appalachian Journal 16(3):280-283.

1989 "Standing on the Promises: Socialization of Southern White Professional Women." (also Special Issue editor) Anthropology & Humanism Quarterly 13(4):102-112.

1988 "You Got to be Converted, An Interview with Helen Matthews Lewis." Appalachian Journal 15(3):238-265.

1988 "Appalachian Cultural Systems, Past and Present," in Appalachian Mental Health, Susan Keefe, ed. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky. 15-23.

1986 Rural Community in the Appalachian South. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.

1984 "Social Anthropological Research on Women in China." China Exchange News 12(4):12-14.

1983 "Participatory Research on Land Ownership in Rural Appalachia," in Appalachia and America. Allen Batteau, ed. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.

1983 With Burton Purrington, eds. Cultural Adaptation to Highland Environments. Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings No. 17. Athens: University of Georgia Press.

1983 Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force (member), Appalachian Land Ownership Study. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press.

1980 "Land Ownership, Public Policy, and the Mountain Family," in Holding on to the Land and the Lord: Essays on Kinship, Land Tenure, and Social Policy in the Rural South. Carol B. Stack and Robert L. Hall, eds. Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings No. 15, Athens: University of Georgia Press.

1980 With Mary Jane Putzel."Trailers: The Owners." Southern Exposure. 8(1):23-25, Spring.

1979 "Hillbilly Women, Hillbilly Men: Sex Roles in Rural Agriculturally-Based Appalachia," in Appalachian Educational Module: The Appalachian Woman. Sharon Lord and Carolyn Patton-Crowder (eds.). Educational Development Corporation, WEEA Project: Newton, Mass.

1978 " Independence, Egalitarianism and the Historical Myth." Appalachian Journal. 5(4):400-411.

1976 "Hers Too." and "Whose Bicentennial? Appalachia '76." Appalachian Journal. 4(1):4-5.

1976 Symbols and Social Organization in an Appalachian Community. Ph.D. dissertation, Duke University.


2004 "Collaborative Research and Education for Regional Sustainability: the New River Headwaters and the University." American Athropological Association annual meetings, Atlanta, GA.

2003 and Vicky Hayes, "Scripted by History." American Anthropological Association annual meetings, Chicago, IL, November.

2002 "Two Lane Woman on a Four Lane Road." American Anthropological Association annual meetings, New Orleans, LA, November 21.

2001 "Past and Future: Community Studies in Western North Carolina." John B. Stephenson symposium, Lees-McRae College, Banner Elk, NC, November 2-5.

1998 "On Studying Community and Collaboration with Informants." Southern Anthropological Society, Wilmington, NC.

1997 Appalachian Context: Images, Stereotypes, and Economic Renewal." Symposium on Appalachia and Wales in the aftermath of coal. University of Wales, Swansea.

1997 Patricia Beaver and Darlene Wilson, "The Ubiquitous Native Grandmother in Appalachia's Cultural History." First Union Melungeon Gathering, Wise, VA.

1997 Patricia Beaver and Jefferson Boyer, "Appalachian Studies and Sustainable Development: A Critical Synthesis." Linear Parks Conference, Junaluska, NC.

1996 "Anthropologists, Missionaries, and Humanistic Scripts for the Next Century." American Anthropological Association Meetings, San Francisco, CA.

1996 With Helen Lewis. "Uncovering the Trail of Ethnic Denial: Ethnicity in Appalachia." Southern Anthropological Society, Baton Rouge, LA.

1996 "Historic Relations Between African-Americans and Jews in Asheville, NC." Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Unicoi, GA.

1995 "African-American and Jewish Ethnicity in Urban Appalachia." Southern Anthropological Society, Raleigh, NC.

1995 With Melissa Schrift, "Anthropologists and Missionaries: Negotiating Spirituality in China." Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Hilton Head Island, SC.

1994 With Melissa Schrift, "Christmas with Chinese Characteristics." Invited session on experimental writing, American Anthropological Association meetings, Atlanta, GA.

1994 With Melissa Schrift, "In the Field: Hole in My Husband's Shirt." Southern Anthropological Society meetings, Atlanta, GA.

1994 With Melissa Schrift, "Chinese Women Intellectuals: Courting in the 1990s (Strange Women: The Problem of "da guniang")." Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Scholars, Blacksburg, VA.

1992 "The Chinese Construction of an American Anthropologist." American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, CA.

1992 With Ho Lihui, "The Impact of Economic Reform on the Chinese Family." Southern Anthropological Society, St. Augustine, FL.

1992 With Zhi Yong, "Between Two Worlds: Chinese University Women Students." Southeast Conference-Association for Asian Studies, Athens, GA.

1991 With Ho Lihui and Wang Xue, "Chinese Women: Two Faces of Economic Reform." American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL.

1991 With Melissa Schrift, "Women Mentoring Women in the Field." Women in Anthropology & Archeology Conference, Boone, NC.

1990 "Two Women: Comparative Interpretation of Chinese Life History." Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Tampa, FL.

1989 "Life in the Text: Writing Narrative Ethnography." American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C.

1989 "An Appalachian Woman and Political Power." Southern Anthropological Society meeting, Memphis, TN.

1988 "But Mother Was a Lady: Socialization of Southern White Professional Women." Southern Anthropological Society meetings, Tampa, FL.

1987 Discussant, Key Symposium on Women in the South. Southern Anthropological Society, Atlanta, GA.

1986 "Gender Roles and Cultural Status of Chinese Urban Professional Women." American Anthropological Association meetings, Philadelphia, PA.

1985 "China/Appalachia's Place in the World: Some International Perspectives."
Session chair, "Familial Study: Technique & Findings." Appalachian Studies Association Conference, Johnson City, TN.

1981 "Participatory Research on Land Ownership in Rural Appalachia." Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1980 Appalachian Studies Association Conference workshop moderator on Appalachian Land Ownership research.

1978 "Hillbilly Women, Hillbilly Men: Sex Roles in Rural Appalachia." Southern Anthropological Society.

1977 "Migration, Biculturalism and Appalachian Identity." Southern Anthropological Society, Miami, FL.

1975 "Egalitarianism in the Southern Appalachians." American Anthropological Association, Merida, Mexico.


Encyclopedia of Appalachia, Editioral Board.

NWSA Journal, National Advisory Board.

2005 Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, Gateways Training, speaker on Western North Carolina, Asheville, NC.

2004 Appalachian Ministries Education Resource Center (AMERC) summer lecturer and program consultant.

2003 South Atlantic Regional Humanities Center, Advisory Board.

2003 Encyclopedia of North Carolina online project, Advisory Committee.

2002 "Appalachian History, Images and Stereotypes." Keynote speaker, Grantsmakers in the Arts, October 26, Asheville, NC.

2001 "Historic Perspectives on Contemporary Housing Issues in Western North Carolina." Keynote address for Western North Carolina Housing Partnership Conference, Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC.

1999 External member, periodic review committee, Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

1998 "Exploring International Linkages: Appalachian, Wales, and Zimbabwe." Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars presentation, Appalachian State University

1998-01 " Economic reform and Chinese family and gender issues." Holland Fellows Program, Walker College of Business, Appalachian State University.

1998 "Cultural Crossroads in Appalachia." Workshop for the Institute for Senior Scholars, Appalachian State University

1998 "Gender, Kin relations, Class and Clan." Reich College of Education, Leadership and Educational Studies, China seminar.

1996 With Sandra Ballard, "A Conversation With Gurney Norman." Fifteenth Annual Literary Festival Honoring Gurney Norman, Emory and Henry College.

1996 Appalachia-Adirondack: Comparative Regional Issues summer study program, St. Lawrence University, speaker on "Rural Appalachia in Change" (annual since 1985).

1995 Consultant, UNC-Asheville, USDOE Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program, "Explaining New Horizons in Latin America."

1995 Consultant, UNC-Asheville, USDOE Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program, "Explaining New Horizons in Latin America."

1995 "Looking for Daisy Mae: Gender and the Image of Appalachia," Georgia State University Spring CLEC Lecture, May 17.

1995 "Rural Community in the Appalachian South." Roper Mountain Science Center Teachers Institute, S.C. Humanities forum "South Carolina as Part of the Appalachians," August 3.

1995 "Themes and Variations of Rural Appalachia." Opening Plenary lecture for Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Nashville, TN, October 26.

1995 "African American and Jewish Resources for Community Building: A Historic Glimpse." Lecture for UNC-Asheville/N.C. Humanities Conference, "The Different Faces and Changing Landscape of Asheville," October 29.

1995 "Diversity in Appalachia." Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement, Wild Acres, October.

1995 Consultant, Asian Studies Grant proposal workshop, Georgia State University, summer.

1995 "Jews in Appalachia." Speaker for Berea College summer institute, Diversity in Appalachia.

1994 "A Tribute to Helen Lewis." Speaker and session organizer, Conference on Women in Appalachia, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

1994 UNC-Asheville, consultation on development of Appalachian Studies program.

1993 East Tennessee State University Medical School, consultation with Medicine & Society interdisciplinary research group.

1992 "Appalachia in Change." UNC-Asheville Center for Creative Retirement.

1992 "Newcomers in Rural Appalachian Communities." Home Mission Board.

1989 Rural Ministries, Southern Baptist Convention, Johnson City, TN; Ridgecrest, NC.

1990 "Internationalizing the Curriculum." UNC-Asheville faculty forum on International Studies.

1989 "Rural Community in Appalachia." Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement, Little Switzerland, NC.

1988 "Writing of Rural Community in the Appalachian South." University of Kentucky's Appalachian Center Lecture Series on New Scholarship on Appalachian Studies.

1988 "Appalachian Values in a Changing World." Keynote address for A. Craig Phillips Appalachian Youth Leadership Conference, Asheville, NC.

1988 "Women and Global Issues." Keynote address, Think Globally-Act Locally: Forward- Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women by the Year 2000, Boone, NC.

1988 "Rural Community, Gender Issues & Social Change," for Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center's Appalachian Summer Terms, Berea, Kentucky.

1984 "Ethnicity, Place and Culture: Appalachia and Beyond." Berea College Symposium for the Inauguration of John B. Stephenson, President.

1984 "Women's Status in Post-Revolutionary China." University of Nebraska Women's Center.

1984 "Tribute to Cratis Williams." keynote speaker, Appalachian Studies Association.


NARAL Pro-Choice Advisory Committee, ASU Campus, 2004-current.

North Fork Committee of the National Committee for the New River, 1999-current.

Ashe County History Day, organized session on North Fork of the New River with graduate students, fall 2003, 2004.

Farm City Recognition banquet with N.C. Extension Services, chair 2002; committee 2003-current.

Appalachian Regional Research Centers and Institutes, consortium of Appalachian Regional Commission, 1999-current.

Appalachian Studies Association Steering Committee 1998-2000; Program Committee 1998-2001, 2003-2004; Program Chair 2002; Helen Lewis Community Service Award Chair, 2004-current.

Encyclopedia of Appalachia, Editorial Board member, 1998-current.

Center for for Craft, Creativity and Design (UNC-Asheville, Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University), Board of Directors, 1995-2000.

Appalachian Journal Advisory Board,1984-90; Editorial Board, 1976-current.

Graduate Faculty, 1979-current.


American Anthropological Association

Appalachian Studies Association

Association for Feminist Anthropology

Association of North Carolina Anthropologists

National Women's Studies Association

Society for Humanistic Anthropology

Southern Anthropological Society


Anthropology Honors: Red, White and Black in the South

Appalachia in Social Context

Appalachian Bibliography and Research

Appalachian Ethnography

Appalachian History and Ethnography

Appalachian Women in Literature

China in Context

Colloquium in Appalachian Studies

Cultural Anthropology

Diversity in Appalachia (Team-taught)

Feminist Theory Seminar (Team-taught)

Gender, Race and Class

General Honors: Race, Gender and Culture

Senior Seminar in Anthropology (Team-taught)

Wales in Post Industrial Context

Women and Gender in Anthropology





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