"Loose Thoughts..."

Taking "notes" for Wheeler collage #9 now. Since Rose Hill related images popped up in #8, thought I'd travel further down that particular line. Googled "196833" images and second hit was photo from Rydal Water. This certainly seemed significant. So I looked up Rydal related images, remembering that collage #9 of Yale series, kind of a twin to the Wheeler series, introduced Rydal and Grasmere images into the art 10x10. Thinking also of the "Monster Island" in Grasmere Lake that Wordsworth was so fascinated by.

Wonder if there's more I should write about on collage #8 before moving on.

This also relates to the end of the Rose Hill series, collage #10 (non-aminated, unlike the 10th of the Yale series and, projected, Wheeler series), and the 273x721 rectangle in the center. Hold on...


Baker Bloch is inworld now, reviewing the Rose Hill series and paying particular attention to the last half of that series (collages 6-10). Collage 8, 9 and 10 all have the same two parrot images as "Omaha & Specific". I can't remember if I took notes on those collages at the time or not... just remember that I did for the first collage of the Rose Hill series. After that I think it was sketchy.

But at any rate, Monster Island is being zoomed in on once again, like it was at the end of the Yale series that succeeds the Rose Hill series. Monstrous Moonshine. The Stranger Creek labyrinth seems to be left behind. Hucka D., you there?

Hucka D.:

What's on Monster Island?


Chance meeting?

Hucka D.:

273x721. Find it.

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