White Horse, The





After a considerable amount of searching (I was thrown off by mention of the Uffington white horse in the above article), I was able to locate famed architect Ken Shuttleworth's Crescent House near the somewhat lesser known *Cherhill* white horse instead, which is much closer to the Alton Barnes horse pictured above (and below!) with the crop circle. Like the pyramid shaped crop circle, the Crescent House points directly to a Wiltshire white horse hillside figure. I think there is a high likelihood that the two are synchily connected, if we assume that the crop circle is not hoaxed (it's not).

I found both above images in a search for "wiltshire white horse".


Amazingly (or not) I was able to take a picture of a hallucination in Baker Bloch's mind while he stared at the Alton White Horse from the fields just outside The Barge in Honeystreet. From this I was quickly able to deduce that the Jonesborough related toy avatars would again appear on the pages of this blog very soon.

Baker Bloch said the eye of the horse stared back at him through the juxtaposed, shiny number. :-o

Getting sirius again, I think it might be important also to compare this formation with the one in Chesterton from 2009, already mentioned in a post from a couple of days ago. Both triangle based crop circles involved obviously point to a nearby, white colored object.

More complicated 2009 crop circle (amazing 3 part formation) occupying almost the same spot below the Alton White Horse and formed exactly 2 years later. More here from the Crop Circle Connector site.

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