Bluebells & Back

In the middle of the Bluebells Forest properly known as West Woods in Wiltshire County, England, Baker Bloch indeed unlocked a portal connecting First Life back to Second Life. When he opened the crate with the skeleton within, left there by ever practical jokers Hucka Doobie and Baker Blinker (Hucka Doobie was the real mastermind), he was frightened all the way back to that more comfortable, much less texture heavy virtual reality. Merging with a beech within the forest itself -- for he was indeed baker Beach, my true name -- he then found himself in the middle of a larger, "expanded" skeleton: the skeleton of a ship in the very center of Bluebells sim, Second Life, a place visited a number of times by Baker Bloch this past winter.

But Hucka Doobie, who was one and the same as Hucka D. and not split in two (Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker) like myself, knew what he was doing all along, apparently, for there were now other things Blochs needed to see in the newer parts of the same channel to the south. Like yet another water goddess statue, this one having a quite particular name unlike the others: "She Holds The Sun."

Another skeleton wreck lies nearby. This would be in the Catoblepas sim now, about 400 meters south by southeast of the Bluebells water goddess statue.

Then another 350-400 meters south by southwest, in Igneoushalla, we find this second goddess statue in the new, southern part of the channel, this one having sunk into the ocean floor a bit and leaning, and also holding a white orb instead of a yellow one. Baker Bloch instantly recognized that this is, in all likelihood, a lunar counterpart to the solar goddess just to the north. The name of the object is more generic this time: "Mythic Corroded Sea Goddess". Another thing to note is that the water considerably shallower now than before, with the channel's floor rising 10 meters in the passage between the 2 statues in question. The webbed tail of the "lunar" goddess, even though she is leaning, manages to just touch the top of the water, only 10 meters deep here as opposed to the previous 20.

Having scanned all of the channel below Bluebells, he now returns to his starting point to compare new finds with the basically duplicate statue in that sim.

First off, it's called a "Mythic River Goddess" here and not a "Mythic (Corroded) Sea Goddess", like the one holding the white orb in Igneoushalla. Is the channel a part of a sea or part of a river, then? Also, as described before in this December post, the orb the goddess holds is bluish now. I should also mention that this one and the one in Catoblepas (solar goddess) have jeweled eyes whose color matches the orb they hold. The one further south in Igneoushalla holding the white orb has no such jeweled eyes.

While reexamining the curious courtyard once more behind the statue here...

... Baker Bloch suddenly finds himself back in the West Woods of Wiltshire, his "spell" apparently having worn off.

He needed to find the rest of the family and tell them what just happened!

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