Home Again...

Very exciting news continues (!) The Bakers now live with the Queen and King of Arcadia, in their spacious house -- their Asylum as they like to call it. Each member of our family has private rooms. Baker Bloch has a corner room next to the lemon tree copse and rock garden. Sarsen stones are quite common on the grounds.

Hucka Doobie has mysteriously changed from his bee form back into a small, black figure -- not African-American but just black, like he had in pre-Azure Island days. Before his melding with the soul of Charles Nelson Blinkerton, come to think of it. The King, as he refers himself as, (or just "King") claims to have a collection of Blinkerton prints in his basement somewhere that he wishes to pull "out of mothballs" and hang in the house proper, as part of the celebration of The Bakers' arrival. But that's only one of hundreds of things he talked about with us on just the first night there.

But to back up, yes, it was the King's UFO that was hovering around all the Wilshire white horses, and which led us to his house in Arcadia. I as Baker Bloch asked him at our first meal together about the owner of the Crescent House, the famous architect, and the King said that it was actually him that entered the house and was drinking martinis. A very diminutive Hucka Doobie (the table top was at his eye level at best) was strangely silent during the meal, as if taking it all in. Baker Blinker, I could tell, was quite pleased to be at Arcadia. She finally had a post-Azure Island role which suited her. I knew she would not leave.

Our meal was delicious. Steamed green beans, mashed potatoes with red gravy, and corn to begin. The main dish was a delightful white fish called tilapia -- boneless. For dessert we had options of banana pudding and/or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Martinis, of course, followed. We sat on the patio with the scent from the lemon tree blooms seeming to put us all under a magic spell.

Not that any of The Bakers are actually human (Baker Blinker comes closest, I suppose), but it was also obvious that the King and Queen were alien in origin as well. In fact, they referred to themselves as our cousins on more than one occasion. The King, as you can tell from his recent pictures in this blog, had what looked like a mask for a face, and, well, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. The Queen was a quite dark, somewhat metallic green, and fish-like below her waist while humanoid above. She, like Hucka Doobie, did not speak much, but when she did her voice was very pleasant. The King jabbered almost nonstop the whole time we were with him, which we didn't mind because of our extreme curiosity about how they got there and why they wanted us, The Bakers, to stay with them.

The King expressed an interest in the game/philosophy/religion of TILE at one point, and then furthered this by stating that he would like to reinstate the Temple of TILE on his property somewhere. I asked him if the water goddess of Nascera (and Nautilus City before that) was modeled on the Queen, and he said he suspected so, because she was quite popular among her followers. I asked them where they were from -- The King stated that they were suppose to tell them they were from Arkansas, and that they know The Bill. I asked them if they *were* The Bill(s). The King said: "yes and no". I asked him if he actually owned this house and he only added that he "pays The Bill". I asked him if this meant he rents from The Bill, who were the true owners of the house. He said some more things, but I don't think this point was actually ever clarified. I queried about how he and the Queen had met. He said their families use to hunt together, and that they were left alone to play as children. He added that that was a time when Landville and Waterboro were most closely knitted together, and the people of both had the ability to breath both above water and under water. I asked him where these places were and he just said "Arkansas" again. I asked him if he knew of the virtual reality Second Life and he said his subjects are located in many virtual realities, but that he thought the Queen would have more to add on that subject later on.

I should explain here that I posed some of these questions through Baker Blinker as well, especially ones concerning the Queen. I could tell Baker Blinker and the Queen were going to get along very well. Hucka Doobie, in the meantime, was running all around the lemon trees, abuzz with action. For most of this time, the Queen was upstairs doing something, perhaps cleaning up after the meal. They had no servants that I could tell; I didn't ask about this point, since I figured if house help was around I'd see them soon enough.

I asked the King about his UFO more, and he said it was designed as a LOL UFO. A "Lolufo" he called it. I asked him why he chose Wiltshire and this particular place to live, and he said he and his Queen were assigned to this location. I asked him if he knew about the crop circles that have appeared in this area in such frequency in the last 20 years, and he stated: "Oh YES, we help make them!". I asked him several follow-up questions on this, of course, but again, strangely it seems, I didn't get much resolution on the subject. The King talked so much, and went in so many tangents. Eventually our conversations circled back to TILE, and he asked about the carrcassess -- I, as Baker Bloch at the time, was kind of surprised he knew about them. So I questioned him about how much he knew, and he said that he knew more of future carrcassess, which I found interesting. I asked him about the relation between carrcassess and crop circles, but he didn't elaborate more on this particular subject. He began talking about his horticultural experiments, and his rock gardens. Then he started talking about mysticism, I suppose you could put it. Dark Magicians, in the Dark Days, which I took as meaning the Dark Ages of our medieval times. I asked him how old he was, and he said 50 (same age as me, bb). I asked him why he talked about the Dark Ages as if he had been there and he answered that he *was* there, along with his Queen. By this time he had knocked back several martinis. Hucka Doobie was playing with some rocks he had found on the edge of the property, but had not drunk any alcohol that I had seen -- strange in itself. I as Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch finally wound down our conversation with the King around 8:30, considerably after darkness had arrived.

Actually Baker Blinker had gone up to see about the Queen before dark.

(to be continued?)

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