Temple Home...

The King and I were sitting on the patio next to the scented lemon trees yesterday and saw this shape in the sky. I asked the King if he knew what it was and he said, "Oh yeah, that's just Blue Skies Mister smoking and toking on his pipe as usual." I asked him what that meant and he replied Blue Skies Mister is something like the "normals" of Wiltshire call their Father, "with a capital F," he added.

Of course our second night at the Palace Castle Temple House we also at least attempted to discuss the King and Queen's relationship with the King and Queen Oak of Savernake Forest, and why they based the design of their property upon the Giza Pyramid cross section. "That reason must remain subterranean at the moment," an unusually somber King replied.

I, through Baker Bloch, also asked him about the triple Taijitu crop circle that appeared just above his house last year. His rather short response, for him, was, "Yup, that's us. Out in the cornfields again."

Instead he babbled on and on about the Dark Ages, much more so than the night before. Then when he realized he was going on too much, he'd pause and attempt to lighten the mood with a, "But siriusly", always followed by a quick laugh.

We looked at his many Blinkertons stored in the basement of the house as well.

The Queen and I-as-Baker Blinker took a long stroll to the south and west, and came back with quite a collection of small, sarsen stones. One curiously had what appeared to be a figure on it that looked exactly like the image of Blue Skies Mister the King and I-as-Baker Bloch saw just shortly before this. After comparing notes, as it were, Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch, the two sides of me after all, decided that the rock was found at the same time the parallel image in the sky was spied.


Hucka Doobie then built a small pyramid in the corner of the yard the patio fronts with the stones the Queen and Baker Blinker had returned with, interesting in itself. His response when I asked him what he was designing was, "It's a temple to Blue Skies Mister. Everyone needs a home." His eyes turned up to me, much different and more, er, soulful than his previous, admittedly quite goofy bee avatar peepers.

He had found the eyes he desired; I don't think he was going to leave either.

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