The Letter

The letter from the King came in the mail today. Baker Blinker brought it back to the house. Hucka Doobie opened it.

"It's from the King," he said calmly.

"We gathered as much from his signet," responded Baker Bloch, also joining in the fun. "What's he say?"

"Nothing," Hucka Doobie replied blandly, looking inside. "There's nothing in it except this old tile."

He produced the tile from the envelope for all to see.

"It's the King himself digging in the Swindon dump, I suppose," Baker Bloch offered. "That's what he said he was going to do, he and the Queen. Dig in the Swindon dump, and something about death and resurrection, he said."

Hucka Doobie looked doubtful. "My gut feeling is that something has happened to the King. Would it be preposterous to propose... no I can't."

"Go ahead, Hucka Doobie," Baker Blinker encouraged. "Share your thoughts, don't be afraid."

"I think this might *be* the King," Hucka Doobie then shared with the subsequently astonished Bakers. They knew he was right when he said it.

"But how?" asked Baker Bloch. He took the tile from Hucka Doobie and looked at it carefully, turning it around in his hand. There was nothing on the other side.

Hucka Doobie then reinforced his theory, nay his uncovered fact, because all three knew it to be true, even though they didn't know how it could be true. "The King was digging and this tile shows a king digging. The King couldn't have made the tile since he was digging. Therefore he must have dug up the tile. Therefore he becomes the tile being dug up."

"What of the Queen, then?" an understandably upset Baker Blinker asked. She looked at Baker Bloch as well.

"Too bad they don't have cell phones so that we can call them," responded Baker Bloch. "What do you think, Hucka Doobie? About the Queen, I mean, for I think you might be right about the King, although I don't know how it can be."

"The Queen must have mailed the letter!" a suddenly hopeful Baker Blinker injected.

"Doubtful," came Hucka Doobie's reply. "Sorry."

"He also said he was digging for TILE. This must be TILE."

"Right, Baker Bloch," said Hucka Doobie. "And as such it must also be the Temple of TILE, because we are in Temple, or very near. It is an atom."

"Atom of what?" Baker Blinker asked.

"An atom of oneness, of wholeness. Undividable and uncorruptible."

The King walked in the door; Hucka Doobie, completely taken by surprise, dropped the TILE. It shattered on the floor.

"Miss me?" he asked. The Queen was just behind, her pronged tailed raised almost level with her head. You could tell she was itching for a rematch with Baker Blinker.

Baker Bloch walked over and shook his hand. "So, so glad to see you old chap! We thought..."

"You thought I was the TILE," the King said. "Well, I was. You freed me of the spell, even though the TILE broke after I walked in the door. Somehow time inside the house got ahead of time outside by several seconds... that happens around here."

The Queen moved around the King and went and hugged a crying Baker Blinker. "There, there," she said in her pleasant, watery voice.

Hucka Doobie stood in the midst of all this taking it in. He looked down at the shattered TILE on the floor and then clapped his hands loudly above his bee head. The dream ended.



That was some dream, Hucka D.!

Hucka D. (getting to the point):

The white horses.. how could they align??


I suppose I would have to do it.

Hucka D.:

No. The King did it. The Queen and King together. That's what they, he and she or she and he, wanted to show you. That's the meaning of the whole dream.


The White Horse Eyes must be portals. Similar, perhaps, to the Frank Park portals found almost exactly 2 years ago.

Hucka D.:

All eyes are one eye.


There's going to be more.

Hucka D.:

Good night.

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