"It's not the same..."

"It's not the same Second Life that Blinks and I were born into," I-as-Baker Bloch further explained to the King, who sat beside me calmly sipping on a cold Schlitz beer, nodding his head in understanding.

"It got to be that way for me in the Dark Ages," he reassured, but then trailed off. He didn't seem quite the same since his return from Swindon. Quieter... not drinking his trademark martinis but switching to beer... taking to sitting on the front porch facing the road through the line of hemlocks and not the back patio, as before. But we were at the patio again now, at my insistence. I liked watching the Queen tease Blinks into thinking she had a chance at winning in their seemingly constant croquet matches, only to easily pull out a victory in the end.

I attempted to find out more about his Swindon trip: no luck, really. He found a tile while digging at the old dump, and then saw that an image of a king was also digging on the front of the tile, then he somehow returned back here, "magically" as he said.

Blinks walked over after the current game was done. "Got wupped again," she managed, and then plopped herself into the patio chair next to the King.

"Maybe you should play something else besides croquet for a while," I volunteered to Blinks. "You know she's just going to keep beating you."

"No, that's unacceptable," she replied playfully, and then went back into the kitchen for refreshments herself. The Queen soon passed between us to follow Blinks into the house. We were alone again for a time.

"How long will we stay here, King?" I asked after a pause.

The King looked up into the billowing clouds. "As long as you like," he said with some conviction. "You like it here, right?" His eyes studied mine, weaker than before the trip, I've noticed. Grayer.

"Certainly. Blinks and I can't really return to Second Life now."

"No, you really can't, but what'll you do here?"

"Crop circles, of course," I replied, and the King nodded, as if suddenly remembering that whole, huge chuck of, er, information soon to start being produced again in the young crop fields of the area. His eyes gained back some light as he looked forward into the trees.

"Crop circles... I must begin planning again. I have some new ideas this time 'round."

I was about to ask him what they were when Blinks and the Queen returned. "Take a load off your feets," I said to them, indicating the two patio chairs on either side of the King and I. The Queen sat beside the King, and Blinks beside me this time. Or I should say I-as-Baker Blinker sat beside the me that was Baker Bloch. I sat beside myself in essence. We looked at each other, the 2 of us. Then forward into the trees at the same time. But I was still staring at the profile of Blinks head, impossibly enough.


Hucka D.:

And that's where we come in. Howdy tonight, baker b.


Hello Hucka D. I didn't see Hucka Doobie at the Temple House just then. Where was he... you?

Hucka D.:

Hucka Doobie -- me -- is flying around the forests and woods still. Scouting out locations for the King's crop circles. Queen and King's crop circles.


He said he had some new tricks this year.

Hucka D.:

I suppose that might have something to do with the linked White Horses. You better keep studying.


Thank you, Hucka D. Oh, I was going to ask about Second Life.

Hucka D.:

No gravity there to hold your avatars down now. Even Chilbo is lacking now... Sunklands. The gravity is here [currently] in Wiltshire, and will remain there for a while. If you start to build in Second Life again, then gravity may return.


Maybe I should have never left Yd Island, Hucka D. Maybe Sunklands was more attached to Carrcass-3, and Yd Island to Carrcass-4 coming up.

Hucka D.:

Yes, you must choose between the red and blue pills quite soon. This summer.


I think I might move away from Jeogeot, then. It's just a continent -- remember when Carl said in the Up movie [that] it was just a house?

Hucka D.:

Which continent will you as your avatars live on, then? You know Baker Blinker cannot return to Second Life. Baker Bloch will have to go back alone. Azure Islands is now no more, and with it goes a huge chuck of information in the past. We start anew.

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