3rd formation of the 2010 crop circle season (in England):

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Strange things now: the last picture in the "Baker Bloch in England" exhibit I just set up today shows a red crystal skull -- apparently representing The King -- through a keyhole. Hucka D. and I were *just* chatting about that (post below). To remind: The King went into his subterranean chamber we peek through the keyhole at here to *plan out designs for the 2010 crop circle season.*

*And* the very *first* picture of the exhibit depicts Baker Bloch at a bridge over the River *Key*, also located in Wiltshire County like the majority of UK crop circles. And, yes, like the brand new one here at Yarnbury.

My own personal interpretation? I think The King is really making his presence known in the 2010 English crop circles with this one! What do *you* think?


Additional note:

The general consensus so far is that this particular crop circle, the 3rd of the season, is a hoax, i.e., made by man.

Additional additional note:

The keyhole crop circle is accompanied by this simple circle with a dot in the middle, which looks to be a bit smaller in size than the the circle making up the top of the keyhole in the same field.

Another resonance, then, with the last picture of the "Baker Bloch in England" series: the keyhole picture is actually an animation, based on the 2 pictures in this post from April 1 again. And the second part of the animation is a *circle* (Earth) that is a little smaller in size than the circle making up the keyhole in the first part of the animation.

So more thoughts: even if this *is* a hoax, and all indications point to that ultimate judgment, perhaps there is still meaning here. And another weird thought: could the legitimate crop circle makers, um, *hoax* a hoaxed crop circle? Probably not, but the idea flitted through my mind just then.



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