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Current Students

Mara Cloutier '16 - Master's Thesis (Biology)

Mara is culturing and sequencing biomineralizing fungal and bacterial populations in southern Appalachian caves in an attempt to determine the geochemical constraints on the enzymes that may control Mn oxidation, particularly multicopper oxidase.
co-advised with Dr. Suzanna Bräuer

Cameron Batchelor '15 - Senior Thesis

Cameron is working on a geochemical study of the Late Devonian mass extinction, using 87Sr/86Sr measurements to provide information about depositional setting and diagenesis, and looking for zircons in sediments to help constrain biostratigraphic ages. When she is not on the scanning electron microscope at Appalachian, she is working in the Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry lab run by Dr. Drew Coleman at UNC-Chapel Hill.
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

John Granholm '18 - Independent Study

John is trying to decipher the causes and mechanisms of microbialite formation in Late Devonian sediments from Mongolia.
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Kieran Krommes '18 - Independent Study

Kieran will be working on sediments that encompass the Late Devonian Hangenberg Anoxia Event in Vietnam to better understand their tectonic significance as well as the severity of anoxia.
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Travis Hartney '16 - Independent Study

Travis is attempting to characterize vocanic clasts from Oldonyo Lengai in Tanzania to map the extent and direction of mudflows at the Engare Sero early hominid footprint site.

Benjy Strauss '16 - Independent Study

Benjy is working on mapping garnets and magnetite inclusions in hydrothermally altered ultramafic rocks in the Ashe Metamorphic Suite in the southern Appalachians.

Robert Thomas '17 - Independent Study

Robert is working on a project to determine the uplift timing of CAOB sediments in Mongolia using apatite fission track dating.
co-advised with Dr. Gabe Casale

Former Students

Joshua Feierstein '15 - Independent Study

2014-2015 - Development of SQL server for the DAGGER database (
2012-2014 - Crystallinity and biosignatures preserved in cultured Mn oxides

Matthew Wilson '16 - Independent Study

Mineralogy of the sediments surrounding the Late Devonian Annulata Event in the CAOB
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Iris Ferris '17 - Independent Study

Microbialite textures in Late Devonian rocks from Mongolia
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Casey Weber '18 - Independent Study

Organic Geochemistry of Late Devonian rocks from the CAOB (pilot study)
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Bryan Zorn '14 - Masters Thesis (Biology)

Illumina Sequencing of Fungal Assemblages and Manganese Biomineralization Reveals Compositional Shifts as a Result of Nutrient Loading within Cave Sediments
co-advised with Dr. Suzanna Bräuer

L. McCain Moore '15 - Independent Study

Detection of the Hangenberg Event in the Heishantou Formation, northwestern China
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Sonia Sanchez '14 - Independent Study

Characterization of the Zhulumute Formation, northwestern China
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Aubry DeReuil '13 - Independent Study and Senior Thesis

Sedimentation, Geochemistry, and Mineralogy across the Frasnian-Fammenian Boundary, northwestern China
co-advised with Dr. Johnny Waters

Oliver Burns '14 - Independent Study

The role of geologic substrate in biomineralization of Mn oxides in caves

Mary Jane Carmichael '12 - Masters Thesis (Biology)

Geomicrobiology of Ferromanganese Deposits in Caves of the Upper Tennessee River Basin
co-advised with Dr. Suzanna Bräuer

Leigh Anne Roble '12 - Independent Study and Senior Thesis

Manganese Oxidation by Fungi in Karst Environments

Kaylee Barket '13 - Independent Research

FT-IR analysis of nepheline water content in volcanic carbonatites, northern Tanzania.

H. Cody Amakali '12 - Independent Research

Pb-Zn deposits and their geochemical tracers in the Shady Dolomite in the Austinville District, southwest Virginia.

Seth Hewitt '11 - Senior Thesis

Petrographic and geochemical analysis of the volcanic region surrounding the Lake Natron Homo sapiens footprint site, northern Tanzania
co-advised with Dr. Cynthia Liutkus