Personal Page

I was born on February 14, 1975 in Lenoir, NC to Barry and Gayle Coffey (Here's a link to their business, Metalx Inc.). I graduated from Hibriten High School in 1992. I received a B.S. in physics with minors in mathematics and spanish from North Carolina State University in 1996. Also at NCSU, I received an M.S. in physics in 1999. My advisor was Dr. Harald Ade, and my thesis was entitled, "Radiation Damage to Polymers with Soft X-rays." I received my Ph.D. from NCSU in 2004. My advisor was Dr. Jacqueline Krim, and my dissertation was entitled, "Nanotribology Fundamentals: Predicting the Viscous Coefficient of Friction."

I married Chris Thaxton on July 31, 1999. Chris is also a professor here at ASU and the Director of the Environmental Science Program. We had our son, Nick, on June 4, 2004. Nick is now in school at Hardin Park Elementary. The picture above was taken of all of us at Disneyworld on Spring Break, 2011.

My daughter's name is Zoe, born July 3, 2008. Zoe is also a student here at ASU, of Lucy Brock Child Development Center.

I enjoy reading, hiking, martial arts, and music, when I have the time. Which, with a faculty position and two young kids, isn't very often! Here are my links.