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My current research is in a variety of areas, including experimental/behavioral economics, statistical discrimination, personnel economics issues, and sleep deprivation effects on decision-making.  Some of this work has been published in Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Labor Economics, Experimental Economics, Theory and Decision, and the Journal of Sleep Research, to name a few. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the specific studies I am currently conducting.  My working papers are generally available on the ASU department working paper page or from RePEc, and I ask that you do not quote from any of my working papers unless you have requested permission to do so first.  If you are interested in my published papers, please click on my vita vita

Curiosity item:  images of my brain (from Jan, 2006)    
anatomical images,

functional image (axial slice)

functional image (saggital slice)  


CURRENT: 2008-2011: National Science Foundation, SES #0727794: $750,000 collaborative proposal with UC-San Diego, ASU, and US Air Force Academy to study effects of sleep deprivation on decision making under uncertainty ($69,000 of grant directly to ASU).

*2003-2004:  National Science Foundation, SES #0316414:  with Lynn Hunnicutt:  $44,000 to study the role of nonbinding suggestions on dispute resolution (using experiments)

*2002:  National Science Foundation, SES # 0133231:  $56,000 for research on the role of expectations in dispute rates using experimental economics.

*2001-2003:  USDA National Research Initiative grant, with DeeVon Bailey.  $160,000 for experimental work on valuing food traceability

**dispute resolution experiments data from these NSF funded experiments are available below as a linked Excel file (a formatted file even).  Just click on the experiment for which you want the data.  I only ask that I be given proper credit for any use of the data.  Data are from NSF grants #0133231 and #0316414, for which I and my co-PI (Lynn Hunnicutt for grant #0316414) are thankful.

EXCEL DATA FILES  Combined Arbitration Experiments Expectations Experiments Double-Offer Arbitration Experiments Fact-Finding (nonbinding suggestions) Experiments


**If you are interested in using the computerized bargaining application developed with NSF funding, please contact me directly.  It can be used freely for nonprofit purposes, although some minor coding may need to be done to make the application work on machine (I do have a file of instructions left by the programmer).  I only ask that proper credit be given to the NSF (for funding), Utah State University (for coding the software), and myself (for development and availability of the arbitration modules), or myself and Lynn Hunnicutt (for development and availability of the fact-finding modules) when disseminating/publishing any research stemming from the use of the bargaining program.


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