Video Documentary Treatment

  1. Maggie Brown and Amy Floyd
  2. Appalachian State Ghost Stories
  3. Around 5 minutes
  1. Here at Appalachian State University, many people tell stories of ghost hauntings in a lot of the older buildings. Within the first week of school, we heard that the residence halls of East and Coffey are haunted by ghosts of deceased students and faculty members. As we looked into these stories, we found that other halls, like Cone, are also filled with ghost stories. We conducted some research on these stories from some online sites, but most of the stories are just legends passed down through generations of ASU students.

     Two of these stories are discussed in an article written last year from The Appalachian, the student-run newspaper. In the article the reporter, Katie Easter, wrote about a psychic coming to the campus, and seeing a vision of a dorm room with blood coming down from the ceiling. The building she saw is believed to have been Coffey, and the room she believed she saw was room 311. Room 311 is thought to be haunted by a ghost named “Max”, a professor who lived in room 311 who was thought to have committed suicide. Coffey hall is also haunted by a ghost some people call the “White Lady”; a woman in all white who roams the hallways from time to time. The story that comes from East Hall involves room B18 in the subfloor; this room is thought to be a “portal” for the dead. Students have reported instances of laughter and doors closing for no reason on the subfloor of East Hall. It is also believed that the girl’s bathroom on the sublevel is haunted by a ghost, as well as the girl’s bathroom on the third floor. Nobody knows if these stories are true, or if they are just legends pass down to scare students; it is up to you to deicide.

5. We are going to talk to students and faculty about what they have heard in relation to the ghost stories. We are hoping to hear some personal encounters with the “ghosts” from students and faculty. We are going to film the places where these stories take place, and the students that live in these buildings. The faculty members that work in these places might also have some good stories because sometimes they often work early in the morning or late at night when nobody else is around.

6. We are going to talk to students around campus, and faculty that work in or around the “haunted” areas.

7. Have you heard any stories about ghosts around campus or in certain buildings?
If they say yes, then we can ask them to share their stories.
Have you personally encountered anything related to these stories?
Do you know anyone who has encountered anything?

8. For some cutaways, we can shoot the places where these events took place, and the outsides of the buildings. Since there is no other footage, or pictures, we do not need to include them in our documentary. We are not going to recreate anything, but at times, you may hear one of us telling the story while the haunted area is being filmed.

9. We will include some eerie-sounding music; like the kind you would hear around Halloween. We would use this to set the tone of the ghost stories.

10. We want to give off an eerie feel, so we are going to try and film on one of the days that are going to be overcast. This will help to achieve the dark look we are trying to give off.