Jeff Goodman
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Appalachian State University
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Current Classes:

CI 4810/ CI 5810 Introduction to Sight and Sound

CI 3750 Integrating Technology into Instruction

CI 3850/ RE 3850 Literacy Technology and Instruction

buttonGS4401 Science and Science Teaching in the Elementary School

Other Classes:

buttonUS1150 First Year Seminar: Media, Technology and Society
CI 4950/ CI 5950 Non-Fiction Film and Video
CI 3543 Methods of Elementary Science Teaching for Scientific Literacy
CI 5636 Digital Production for the Classroom

CI 5630 Instructional Technology
GS 4401 Methods of Elementary School Science
CI 3532/ CI 5552 Advanced Video Production
CI 5534 Digital Production in the Classroom (summer 2001)
CI 2800 Teachers, Schools and Learners

Projects and Presentations:
MSEN K-8 Science Initiative
ASU Science Education On-line
Adult Basic Skills 2006: The Eyes Have It: Integrating Visual Media into Writing Instruction
Penland Words and Pictures Summer 2005
Adult Basic Skills 2003 :Creating WebQuests to build a Writing Community
Using Tehcnology to Facilitate Connections
Penland Science in the Studios Pages
The Pinhole Camera Home Page
The Wheel Thing:  Integrating Math and Science Through Design Technology
Adult Basic Skills:  Reading and writing with the "Modern Fashion and Innvention" activity
Eisenhower Workshop 2001-2002: Integrating Social Studies and Science

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