Hardware Required to run SPECTRUM

SPECTRUM has been ported to a number of platforms:  These are at present (November 2008)

1) LINUX and UNIX (including DEC Alpha and Sun Solaris) machines with the GCC compiler.  In this case, the source code of SPECTRUM is distributed.  The user must then compile SPECTRUM using MAKE.

2) DEC Alpha Machines with the native C-compiler.  Again, in this case the source code of SPECTRUM is distributed and the user must compile it using a modified Makefile.

3) Sun/Solaris machines with the native C-compiler.  I have heard that SPECTRUM compiles and runs successfully on Silicon Graphics machines using a modified Makefile.

4) Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP using the  Cygwin  tools.  The Cygwin tools can be used to set up a virtual UNIX machine under Windows.  Recommended!

5) I am also distributing binaries that will run directly in a DOS window under most varieties of Windows.  See the  online documentation for more details.

6) Mac users running Mac OS 10.0 can now compile SPECTRUM using the GCC compiler.

If you have a platform not listed above, I would be interested in working with you to port SPECTRUM to your platform.  Chances are that the port will be relatively easy and straight forward.  A requirement is a C-compiler.


Contact me at  grayro@appstate.edu