Other Stories

During Spring'08 I am taking an International Entrepreneurship class. During spring break the ASU class went to Belgium to work with our counterparts. Besides having a great time we worked on business plans. Here is a video of the class presentations (QuickTime, 5.1MB, 5:30 long). It can be download by right clicking the link and selecting "Save Link As".

I would have more video, but 10hrs of work was lost, and I don't have the time to redo it, sorry. ...I hate ASU's computer labs and IT department so much; if I were to really express it in writing, I would probably be in trouble.


Here is a movie that shows my drive/ride to campus. It is .MP4 format and 2.4MB, and not much audio. If you have trouble with the .MP4 format, "Save Link As" and Open With an .MP4 compatible player.

Me crossing the finish line at Ironman Florida in November 2006. Even after 11 hours of exertion (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run), I still had a fair amount of strength left to jump that high.

Ironman Finishline

Ian Atwood and I did the Polar Plunge, a fund raiser for Special Olympics and a mighty chilly swim in February. The ice was pulled off the lake the day before. This is about the only use for my surfboard in the mountains.

Polar Plunge

And I have to get a picture of me piping, so here I am leading the Kodiak St. Patrick's Day "parade".

Kodiak St. Patrick's Day parade