Raley Hall Photovoltaic (PV) Array

I am the manager for the Raley Hall photovoltaic (PV) array. Raley hall houses most of the business school classes and faculty. This is a $65,000 project with emphasis placed on aesthetics, integrating with landscaping, and showcase ASU and PV. Raley was chosen for its solar resource and high visibility -there is a bus stop in fornt of the array site and the parking lot is used for football tailgating.

The project is coming together. The design has been sent to the Department of Insurance for approval and construction will begin in March 2008. Check back in March for updates.

Click here to see the solar resource assessment (.PDF)

Click here for presentation to Dean of the Business School (.PPT)

Here is an aerial view of the site:

Areal View of Raley Hall PV array site

Here is a AutoCAD drawing of Raley Hall and the array:

Raley & Array

Here is a photo simulation of Raley Hall PV array:

Raley Hall PV array

Warning Renewable Energy Tech Language: The aerial picture and the AutoCAD drawing are oriented North-South, but the array will be oriented perpendicular to the road, which means an azimuth of about 220°. To get maximum output the array will have to be tilted to 25° instead of the latitude (36° for Boone, NC). The change from customary orientation will cost 6% of maximum output, but we think that the aesthetics gained are worth it. Placing the array at the terminus of the road is a natural choice, because this project is about making a statement.

A Request For Qualifications was sent out in May 2007. Click here to download the RFQ (.PDF). A subcommitte of the REI conviened in August 2007 to review the applications. Southern Energy Management was selected to the the design and build.

Southern Energy Management's Shawn Fitzpatrick, PE has been working hard to please the REI. Click here to download the design proposal (.ZIP).


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Last update: 23 February, 2008