Introduction to Modern Algebra


MAT 3110-101, Fall 2017


MWF, 2:00–2:50pm, 308 Walker Hall


Instructor:  Dr. Rick Klima


Offices:  345 Walker Hall, 278 Appalachian Hall


Phone Numbers:  828-262-2378 (WA 345), 828-262-8269 (AH 278), 828-773-0790 (Mobile)


Office Hours:  MWF 10:00–11:00am (WA 345), MW 3:00–4:00pm (WA 345), TR 9:30–11:30am (AH 278)






Course Information:


Description:  Topics covered in this course include equivalence relations, groups, subgroups, homomorphisms, isomorphisms, and a survey of other algebraic structures such as rings, integral domains, and fields. This course has prerequisites R C 2001 and either MAT 2110 or MAT 2510, and corequisite MAT 2240.


Text:  Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 8th Edition, by Joseph A. Gallian.


Homework:  Homework will be given during or at the end of some of our class meetings, with solutions sometimes due in the same class meeting, and sometimes at the start of the next class meeting. These solutions will be graded, and count as 24% of your final course average. Homework will always be posted on the course calendar online at the end of the class meeting in which it is given, and if you are absent you will still be responsible for submitting your homework solutions on time with your classmates. Late homework solutions will be accepted at the start of the next class meeting after they were originally due twice per student. I will also drop your two lowest homework grades to account for solutions you are unable to turn in for unexpected reasons.


Tests:  Tests will be given during our class meetings on Friday 9/29, Friday 10/27, and Monday 12/4. These tests will count as 48% of your final course average. Make-up tests will be given only with my approval and for absences for unexpected reasons that can be documented.


Portfolio:  This course satisfies the Writing in the Discipline requirement for General Education. To fulfill this requirement, some portfolio assignments will be given throughout the semester, all of which will be due by 2:00pm on Friday 12/8. This portfolio will be graded, and count as 10% of your final course average.


Final Exam:  A cumulative final exam will be given from 2:00–4:30pm on Friday 12/8, and will count as the last 18% of your final course average.


Inclement Weather, Campus Emergency:  If any class meetings are canceled due to inclement weather or campus or personal emergencies, you will be responsible for any assignments and/or announcements posted on the course calendar online.


Academic Integrity, Disability Services, Attendance, Student Engagement:  Appalachian State University has official policies for each of these, which can be found at


Grading:  Final letter grades will be assigned based on your final course average and the following scale:


92.00–100% = A

90.00–91.99% = A–

88.00–89.99% = B+

82.00–87.99% = B

80.00–81.99% = B–

78.00–79.99% = C+

72.00–77.99% = C

70.00–71.99% = C–

68.00–69.99% = D+

62.00–67.99% = D

60.00–61.99% = D–

0–59.99% = F