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Dr. Cynthia M. Liutkus-Pierce
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
Appalachian State University
PO Box 32067
Boone, NC 28608
(828) 262-6933




The presevation of ancient environments occurs through the process of sedimentation. Examination of sediments, their associated structures, and geochemical signatures can provide a glimpse into the distant (and not so distant) past and allow for a reconstruction of the depositional environment and the regional climate. By comparing the change in sediments, structures, and geochemistry through stratigraphic layers, one can determine the environmental change through time.

My research combines sedimentology and stratigraphy with stable isotope geochemistry in order to reconstruct paleolandscape conditions.

Current research projects include:

  • Stable isotope signatures of non-pedogenic carbonates (various USA sites)

  • Rift basin (lacustrine) sedimentology in Africa (Tanzania) and North America (NC, Virginia)

  • Paleolandscape reconstruction of hominid footprint sites in Africa (Tanzania, South Africa, and Namibia)

  • Miocene paleolandscape reconstruction near Lake Turkana (Kenya)


"All natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson



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