Anthony Balle Love 99'
Appalachian State University Bachelors of Science: Geology

Classes taken towards completion of degree:

•Physical Geology Mineralogy Fossil Identification
•Rock Identification
•Crystal Chemistry
•Optical Mineralogy
•Structural Geology
•Preparation of Geologic Reports (Field mapping and Office presentation)
•Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
•Calculus (2 semesters)
•Physics (2 semesters)
•Chemistry (2 semesters)
•Statistics (2 semesters)
•Vegetation, Soils and Landforms (Dept. of Geography)
•Geographic Hydrology
•Geologic Field School (University of Nevada at Reno).

Post graduation classes completed:

•Introduction to woodworking I
•Introduction to woodworking II
•Principles of Electron Microscopy
•Inroduction to ARC GIS IX