Madritch CV



Madritch Teaching

My main teaching responsibilities are Communities and Ecosystems, Global Change Ecology, and courses in the core biology program for both biology majors and non-majors.

Communities and Ecosystems is a graduate level course that has a heavy lab and field component. Students are expected to develop independent research projects as part of this course. Past topics have included building GIS databases for ASU field sites, investigating the effects of land use on stream communities and water quality, cliff-face nutrient cycling, and above- and belowground interactions. I emphasize designing useful research projects instead of repeating canned laboratory exercises. The techniques we cover vary according to the requirements of the independent research projects.

Global Change Ecology is an upper level undergraduate course for biology majors interested in ecology and evolution. This course explores the causes and consequences of anthropogenic global change with a particular emphasis on key ecological processes.  We use the scientific literature and global environmental datasets to explore global changes in biogeochemistry, climate, biodiversity, and land cover.

Biological Concepts I & II and Biology in Society I & II are course series that are part of ASU’s core biology program for majors and general education for non-biology majors, respectively. These large classes provide training in the core topics of biology, and I emphasize understanding the living world from an evolutionary perspective. I often use these courses to recruit undergraduate students to work in my lab as paid laboratory assistants or as part of an independent study project for which they receive class credit.