Dr. Eric Marland

Professor and Chair

Department of Mathematical Sciences

1992 - B.S. Virginia Tech

1995 - M.S. University of Utah

1998 - Ph.D. University of Utah

After post-doctoral studies with the Institute for Theoretical Dynamics at the University of California at Davis, Dr. Eric Marland came to Appalachian State University in 2000.

Marland’s research interests lie in applied mathematics and in biological and environmental applications of mathematics. Projects have include collaborators from many disciplines and have included funding from NASA, USFS, and NSF.

Marland, collaborating with his wife Kimberly and others, is also in involved in outreach to K12 students in the region, helping to provide competetive and learning opportunities in mathematics and robotics.

Dr. Eric Marland — 343 Walker Hall — 121 Bodenheimer Drive — Boone, NC 28608

marlandes@appstate.edu — 828-262-2374

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