Journal Publications

“On the Robustness of the Trade-Inducing Effects of Trade Agreements and Currency Unions,” Empirical Economics (forthcoming)

“Is the WTO Mystery Really Solved?” Economics Letters, 2011, 113, 127 – 130.

“Do Customs Union Members Engage In More Bilateral Trade Than Free Trade Agreement Members?” Review of International Economics, 2010, 18, 663 – 681.

Book Chapters & Other Publications

“International Trade,” with Daniel Millimet, in John Whitehead and Timothy Haab (eds.), Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2014.

“Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers: Evidence From Plant-Level Data,” with Mahmut Yaşar, in Enzo Guillon and Lucas Chauvet (eds.), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Policies, Economic Impacts and Global Perspectives, Nova Science Publishers, 2013.


Three New Empirical Tests of the Pollution Haven Hypothesis When Environmental Regulation is Endogenous” with Daniel Millimet (revise and resubmit at Journal of Applied Econometrics; IZA DP No. 5911, FREIT WP No. 329)

Work in Progress

“Energy Efficiency, Exporting, and Productivity: Evidence from Firm-Level Data” with Mahmut Yaşar

“Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the WTO,” with Daniel Millimet

“Employment Protection Laws and the Spatial Distribution of US Inbound FDI, ” with Daniel Millimet