Journal Publications

“Empirical Tests of the Pollution Haven Hypothesis When Environmental Regulation is Endogenous,” with Daniel Millimet. Journal of Applied Econometrics.

“On the Robustness of the Trade-Inducing Effects of Trade Agreements and Currency Unions,” Empirical Economics, 2014, 47, 253 – 304.

“Is the WTO Mystery Really Solved?” Economics Letters, 2011, 113, 127 – 130.

“Do Customs Union Members Engage In More Bilateral Trade Than Free Trade Agreement Members?” Review of International Economics, 2010, 18, 663 – 681.

Book Chapters & Other Publications

“International Trade,” with Daniel Millimet, in John Whitehead and Timothy Haab (eds.), Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2014.

“Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers: Evidence From Plant-Level Data,” with Mahmut Yaşar, in Enzo Guillon and Lucas Chauvet (eds.), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Policies, Economic Impacts and Global Perspectives, Nova Science Publishers, 2013.


“Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the WTO,” with Daniel Millimet (FREIT WP No. 745)

“Energy Efficiency and Exporting: Evidence from Firm-Level Data,” with Mahmut Yaşar

Work in Progress

“Employment Protection Legislation and Foreign Direct Investment”

“Employment Protection Laws and the Spatial Distribution of US Inbound FDI, ” with Daniel Millimet