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Allan Scherlen

Associate Professor
Collection Development Librarian
for the Social Sciences

Appalachian State University Library

Boone, North Carolina 28608
(828) 262-2285 (office)


Fall 2009 PHL 2800 Library and Information Research in Philosophy [Syllabus]


Research Interests:

(1) evolving trends in scholarly communication, including, evolution of journal and other serial literature,  institutional repositories for scholarship and open access to scholarly literature; 

(2) collection development issues in the social sciences; 

(3) critical examination of social science research methods textbooks, including their information literacy & library skills content as well as their relavancy for practioners.

(4) international comparative librarianship practice.


Journal Articles

“Columns and Blogs:  Making Sense of Merging Worlds.” Serials Librarian, 54: 1/2.  (2008)  Full-text self-archived

Also published in the Conference proceedings of North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG).
This paper was the basis for a PowerPoint presentation delivered at two sessions co-presented with Bob Nardini entitled, “Column People: the Future of Columns in a World of Blog” at the 2007 NASIG Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Scherlen, Allan, and Matthew Robinson.  “Open Access to Criminal Justice Scholarship: A Matter of Social Justice.” Journal of Criminal Justice Education 19:1 (March 2008) 54-74.  [Peer-reviewed article] 

“Institutional Repositories:  A Good Idea for North Carolina,” North Carolina Libraries, 65:3/4 (Fall/Winter 2007) 76-79  [Peer-reviewed article] Full-text available open-access     Full-text self-archived    

“The Inside Scoop on Finding a Public Library Speaker,” Public Libraries, 45:2 (March/April 2006) 70-73. [Peer-reviewed article] Full-text available open-access    Full-text self-archived

 “Latin American Studies Online: A Review of Free Peer-Reviewed Journals,” Serials Review, 30:1 (2004) 56-61. Full-text self-archived

 “Seeking Philosophy Journals on the Web: Scholarly, Full-Text, and Free,” Serials Review, 28: 3 (October 2002): 225-231. Full-text self-archived

Truett, Carol, Scherlen, Allan, Tashner, John, "Responsible Internet Use," Learning and Leading With Technology, 24, no. 6 (March 1997): 52-55. 

Column Articles

Editor of “The Balance Point” column in Serials Review (alternating issues with Kay Johnson, University of Tennessee). (Nov. 2004- ) Select contributors, write introductions, edit text, author sections or write entire articles.

●  Local to Global: The Importance of State-Level Library Journals,” Allan Scherlen 34:2 (June 2008) Full-text self-archived

Celebrating Twenty Years of a Serials Column,”  Allan Scherlen. 33:4 (Dec. 2007) 244-252. 
Full-text self-archived

“Open Access in China” Contributor: Dr. Xiaorong Shao, Appalachian State University. 33:2 (June 2007) 

“The One-Box Challenge:  Providing a Federated Search that Benefits the Research Process”  Contributors: John Boyd, Appalachian State University, Penny Pugh, West Virginia University; Marian Hampton, University of Pittsburgh; Pat Morrison, Grossmont College; Frank Cervone, Northwestern University. 32:4 (Dec. 2006) 247-254.  Full-text self-archived

“The Weight Of E-Collections And Value-Added Services:  Revisiting Assumptions And Practices To Meet the Challenge,” Contributors: Pongracz Sennyey and Albert Joy, University of Vermont. Vol. 32:2 (June 2006)

“Looking at Journals from Both Sides,” Contributor:  Dr. Norman Clark, Appalachian State University.  Vol. 32:2 (Dec. 2005) 284-290. Full-text self-archived

“Finding the Delicate Balance: Serials Assessment at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas” Contributors:  Reeta Sinha and Cory Tucker, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Vol. 31:2 (June 2005)

“Keeping Serial Bibliographic Records Viable In a Digital Age: Integrating Various Sources of Serial Data to Manage Electronic Resources” Contributor:  Michael Norman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 30:4 (Dec. 2004). 

“Courage of Our Convictions: Making Difficult Decisions about Serial Collections.” Contributors:  Dr. Larry Boyer, Eleanor Cook & John P. Abbott, Appalachian State University. 30:2 (June 2004) 117-121. Full-text self-archived


 “Developing Library and Information Center Collections by G. Edward Evans and Margaret Zarnosky Saponaro.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 33:1 (Jan 2007) 151-152.  [Book Review] Full-text self-archived

 “Daily Baghdad.” Produced and directed by Romain Goupil. (First Run/Icarus Films, NY, 2004) Counterpoise, (Forthcoming Winter 2006/2007) [Video Review] 

“Library Collection Development Policies: Academic, Public, and Special Libraries by Frank W. Hoffman and Richard J. Wood.” Journal of Academic Librarianship, 32:3 (2006) 335-336. [Book Review] Full-text self-archived
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 “Argentina: Hope in Hard Times,” Directed by Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young. (Produced by Moving Images Video Project.  Distributed by Bullfrog Films.  2005). Counterpoise, 9:3 (Summer 2005) [Video Review]

 “The World Stopped Watching,” Directed by Peter Raymont, (First Run/ Icarus Films, 2003) Counterpoise, 9:1 (Winter 2005) [Video Review] Full-text self-archived

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Full-text self-archived

 “Searching For Virginia Dare; A Fool’s Errand” by Marjorie Hudson    (Chapel Hill: North Carolina Press, 2002), North Carolina Libraries, 60:4 (Winter 2002): 120. [Book Review]  Full-text self-archived

"The 'Sixth Division': Military-Paramilitary Ties and U.S. Policy in Colombia, by Human Rights Watch" (New York: Human Rights Watch, 2001), Counterpoise, 6:4 (October 2002): 43. [Book Review]  Full-text self-archived

"Time Full of Trial: The Roanoke Island Freedmen's Colony 1862-1867 by Patricia Click"   (Chapel Hill: North Carolina Press, 2001), North Carolina Libraries, 60:1/2 (Spring/Summer 2002): 35. [Book Review]  Full-text self-archived

 "Buncombe Bob; The Life and Times of Robert Rice Reynolds by Julian Pleasants."  (Chapel Hill: North Carolina Press, 2000), North Carolina Libraries, 59: 2 (Summer 2001): 85. [Book Review]  Full-text self-archived

Other  Papers & Publications

“Latin Americanists and Librarians: Their Nexus through Technology and Interdisciplinarity,” Paper posted to Latin American Studies Association International Congress Papers Online Archive, September 2001.  [Full-text self-archived]

John Boyd and Allan Scherlen, "Not Everything is On the Web, Doggone it; Including the Library in Your Research Process,” Teaching and Learning at Appalachian, 5: 2000/2001.[ Full-text self archived]

"Report on NASIG Annual Conference Concurrent Session, 3, Globalization, Consolidation and the Growth of the Giants: Scholarly Communication, the Individual and the Internet." NASIG Newsletter 15:3 (Sept. 15, 2000).  [Full-text available open access]  Full-text self-archived

“Report on NASIG Annual Conference Workshop, 9, Using Metadata Within the Library: Relevancy and Practical Application,” NASIG Newsletter, 15:3, (Sept. 15, 2000) 29[Full-text available open access]   Full-text self-archived

"What In The World Is Watauga?" The Mountain Times, 38 (April 27, 2000): 2 (3 p.). [Feature article about the pursuit of a library reference question. Currently archived in “Myths & Folktales” section of “Summer Times,”
 Full-text self-archived