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Interdisciplinary Praxis
Fall 2008

IDS 3150-101, W / CD
TR 9:30-10:45
LLA 124

Dr. Derek Stanovsky
Office: LLA 125  Office Phone: 262-2441
Office Hours: TBA
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Piet Mondrian
Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to and overview of interdisciplinary praxis by means of selected readings in theories and philosophies of interdisciplinarity. It entails both a broad investigation of interdisciplinarity as well as a focused application on students' own interdisciplinary concentrations. The course will be a tutorial aimed at helping you explore, plan and develop your individual interdisciplinary courses of study and to reflect on the connections between your disciplinary course work and your interdisciplinary fields.

Course Requirements:
The most important requirements for this course are regular class attendance, preparation, and participation. You should do all the reading and come prepared to ask and answer questions each day. Keeping this in mind, the formal grading requirements are:

Class Participation 25%
First Paper 25%

Second Paper 25%

Third Paper 25%

The class participation portion of your grade will be based on regular class attendance and participation as well as on periodic homeworks and in-class individual and small group assignments. It will also include your attendance and participation at the final senior seminar presentations. Two absences are allowed during the semester. Each additional absence will lower your class participation grade by one letter grade. More than six absences and/or failure to complete any of the written assignments detailed below are grounds for failing the course.

There will be three short papers over the course of the semester. Late papers will be docked one-third of a letter grade for each day late. More information will be handed out later in the semester.

With regard to papers and all other assignments for this course, you are expected to know and follow the current ASU code of academic integrity.

Course Schedule:

Our class will meet at our regularly scheduled time and place for the first three weeks of the semester. After that, I will provide you with an abbreviated schedule for the remainder of the semester.