Senior Seminar
Fall 2012

IDS 4550-101, W/S/CD/C
TR 9:30-10:45
LLA 124

Dr. Derek Stanovsky | Senior Seminar Blog

Office: LLA 125 Phone: 262-2441
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Arcimboldo's The Librarian

Course Description:
In this class, students will have the opportunity to draw together and reflect on the diverse strands of their interdisciplinary studies and produce an in-depth senior project focusing on a topic within their concentration. Students will be asked to present and discuss aspects of their projects in class and to present their final projects in a public forum to students and faculty. Prerequisites: Senior standing and IDS 3000 and IDS 3150. Corequisite or prerequisite: IDS 3300 or IDS 3700, or consent of the instructor.

Course Requirements:
The most important requirement for this course is steady and consistent work on your senior project. The formal grading requirements are:

Process  25%
Presentations 25%
Project  50%

The process portion of your grade will be based on regular class attendance, preparation, and participation, as well as on the timely and satisfactory completion of the various stages of your senior project. As part of your process grade, you will be asked to post research updates online chronicling the progress of your project throughout the semester.

Two absences are allowed during the semester. Each additional absence will lower the process portion of your grade by one letter grade. More than six absences and/or failure to complete any of the graded assignments detailed below are grounds for failing the course.

The presentation portion of your grade will be based on various informal class presentations of your work in progress as well as a formal, public presentation at the end of the semester of your completed senior project.

Your senior project itself will consist of a substantial interdisciplinary research paper or other original scholarly/creative/service project. The details of this project will be decided on an individual basis in consultation with your instructor. Penalties for late projects will apply.

Students should be aware of the ASU policies on academic integrity, disability services, religious obervances, and student engagement.

Course Schedule:
This course will be run as a combination of tutuorial, independent study, online, and regular class meetings. Details about class meetings and assignments will be announced on our class blog as needed.