Dayna Renee Touron, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

A. R. Smith Department of Psychology

Appalachian State University

ASU Box 32109

Boone, NC 28608-2109


108-B Smith-Wright Hall

828.262.2718 (office)

828.262.2974 (fax)




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*    Vita (.pdf)


*    Research

*      Information about my Adult Cognition Lab

*      Collaborators

*      Faculty

         Christopher Hertzog, Georgia Tech

®       Georgia Techís HUCognitive AgingH Group

®       Georgia Techís HUExperimetrixH Site

         William J. Hoyer, Syracuse University

®       Syracuse Universityís Cognitive Aging Group

         Natalie Oransky, ASU

*      Research Technicians

         Matt Meier, B. A.

         Kristin Sabata, B. A.

         Matt Deihl, B. A.

         James Zachary Speagle

         Anna Pittman

         Adam Carhart

         Holly Burgess

         Theresa Rutchka

*      Lab Graduates

         Jarrod Hines, M. A. ~ now a Ph.D. student at the Georgia Institute of Technology

         Elizabeth Tunstall Swaim, M. A. ~ now a Ph.D. student at N. C. State University


*    Teaching

*      PSY 4562/5562: Psychology of Adult Life & Aging

*      Spring 2007 Syllabus Draft

*      Text webpage

*      Presentation Schedule

*      Unit 3 Lectures

         Personality Development


         Work, Leisure, & Retirement

         Dying & Bereavement

*      PSY 3204 Cognitive Processes Ė not teaching Spring 2007

*      Fall 2006 Syllabus Draft

*      Text webpage

*      Appalachian State Universityís Homepage & Psychology Department


*    Links

*      The Worthless Son-In-Laws

*      Boone area weather

*      Boone Chamber of Commerce

*      The Mountain Times

*      Momís Cabin in the Smokies

*      Momís Century 21 offices in East Tennessee


*      Some recent pictures of SPENCER






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