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Appalachian State University's geology summer field course was a traditional field program that was offered in Northern Italy from 1996 until 2004, its final year of operation. We invite you to browse this site to see some of the people who participated in the program, images of the places we worked, experiences we had, and friends we made during the eight years the program existed.

Above, one of the map areas in the Dolomites.

The 2004 field camp group at Passo Valles

2001 Summer Field Course group on peak north of Mt. Grappa

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FAQs about the Italy field course history

Maximum number of students per course - 15

Average number of students per year - 11

Course was first offered in 1996.

Number of universities represented by students through 2004 - 36

Chance of making grade of A- or higher ---- 1 in 10

Length of course and hours of academic credit - nearly six weeks and 6 semester hours credit

Course normally started in late May and ended in early July.

Average tution through 2004 - NC residents $480; non-NC residents $600

Average program cost excluding tuition and airfare - $2800

Average round-trip airfare between U.S. and Italy was- $800

Number of days of instruction per week during course - 6

Total number of projects - 12, ranging from 0.5 days to 6 days long

Number of geologic mapping projects - 5 (3, 6 day projects; 1, 4 day project; 1, 1 day project)

Elevations of projects range from 300 m to 2500 m+ above sea level

Staff- Director: Fred Webb, Jr. Professors: Lucio D'Alberto, Ken McKinney, Laura Mallard, and Loren Raymond. Teaching assistants: Philip Ong and Lauren Hassler. Cooks: Marg McKinney, Ken McKinney, and Susan Powers.

This site is under the custody of its perpetrator, Fred Webb, contact him for information or questions.

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Links below will take you to some of our scrapbook photos. More pictures and narrative will be added in the future. If you are a former field camp student and want to contribute photos to this site, please contact me.

The City of Feltre, Field Camp, and Location Maps 
Landscapes and Outcrops in Field Areas

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