ECO 2030 test taking procedures

1. Fill in the bubbles for your name on the scantron sheet: last, first.

2. If you would like to have your grade posted on the internet, provide a 4 digit ID number [here is an example]. Fill in the first four bubbles on the back of the scantron sheet in the "identification number" space. Leave the last 5 bubbles blank. Do you fill in your social security number. Treat your 4 digit ID number like your P.I.N. at the bank. Only you know what it is. It will stay the same all semester so it should be something that you will remember. The following numbers are not allowed: 0000, 1111, 1234, 2222, 2345, 3333, 3456, 4444, 4567, 5555, 5678, 6666, 6789, 7777, 8888 and 9999.

Note: your preliminary grades will be posted within about 6 hours after the exam. You will be alerted that grades are posted by an email message sent to your ASU email account. These preliminary grades may change based on problems with the key, etc.

3 Write the version letter/number/color of your exam on your answer sheet. If you are color blind, ask the person next to you what color exam you received.

4. Write your name on the front of the exam (the stapled sheets with the questions).

5. When finished, turn your exam in to the instructor who will check your information and place the exam and answer sheet in the appropriate stacks.

Note: If there is a long line and you are impatient and you place your exam on the wrong stack and you are color blind and write the wrong color on the exam (catch my breath), then your exam will be graded with the wrong answer key and your grade will be low. Sorry.