Attendance policy relating to participation in University sponsored activities

As an integral part of the academic program at Appalachian State University, the University sponsors and otherwise supports co-curricular programs, athletic programs, and other out-of-class activities such as field trips. Participation in such activities occasionally requires a student to miss one or more class meetings. A student who expects to miss one or more class meetings because of participation in a University-sponsored activity has several responsibilities:

The student (in person) will notify the instructor in advance of any absence; the student is expected to complete all work missed by making up the work in advance or by completing any compensatory assignment which may be required by the instructor; the student is expected to maintain satisfactory progress in the course; and the student (otherwise) is expected to maintain satisfactory attendance in the class if so required. In the event that a student anticipates that participation in a University-sponsored activity will require missing more than 10% of the class meetings, the student is required to discuss this matter with the student's instructor at the beginning of the semester and may be advised to drop the course.

If the above responsibilities are met, it is expected that the instructor will excuse the absence and permit the student to make up missed work in whatever manner the instructor deems appropriate.


When a student is out of town and unable to return to campus due to hospitalization, death in the family, or other extenuating circumstances, the student or the student's parents may contact the Office of Student Development to request that professors be notified as to the reason for the absence. This notification is conveyed to the appropriate departmental office as a matter of information only and does not serve as an official excuse for class absence. Only individual faculty members make this determination, and documentation may be requested by the faculty members. The Office of Student Development does not provide this service when notification is received after the absence has occurred. Also, if a student is in town, that student is responsible for notifying the individual faculty members that she/he will be missing class.