jeff with periscope

Jeff Goodman


Reich College of Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608

828.262.2176 (office)
828.675.9061 (home)



Teaching Interests

In my teaching, I explore the connections between art, science and culture, especially as these fields come together in media analysis and production. As we look at the world through the different lenses of aesthetics,perceptual psychology, media literacy, and the physics of light and sound, my students and I endeavor to develop a broad understanding of media arts and their connection to what it means to be human. Underlying all my teaching is a desire to help students connect to one another, connect to the physical world and connect to themselves. In so doing, I hope to foster an appreciation for others and a willingness to question our place in the world.


Creative Projects

As a media artist and teacher, I am involved in documentary film making, photography, and audio production. My interest in bridging the gap between science finds expression in an on-going project entitled Human Wonder Research.



Service to Appalachian State University includes my work with teachers through the ASU Math Science Education Center and work with public school students through the North Carolina Appalachian Collaborative for Higher Education. In addition, I have an ongoing relationship with South Toe Elementary School, where I volunteer each week, and Arthur Morgan School, an alternative boarding middle school.


Community of Practice Portfolio