Access to the FTP site for SPECTRUM

The latest UNIX/Linux version of SPECTRUM as well as Windows binaries may be obtained at the download sites linked below.

The latest "stable" version of SPECTRUM is 2.77c

For UNIX/Linux, download spectrum277c.tar.gz and at least one of the linelist files.
For Windows, download, (a Windows GUI) and at least one of the line list files.

Note that v2.76 is a major upgrade for SPECTRUM.  Files associated with v2.76, such as atom.dat and stdatom.dat are not compatible with earlier versions.

Full instructions for installing SPECTRUM on both UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms are included in the documentation.

SPECTRUM download

Read the  Notes on Windows  or the online or PDF documentation to learn how to install the Windows binaries.

If you have any difficulties compiling  or running SPECTRUM on your  computing platform, please do not hesitate to contact me at