Rose Mary Webb, Ph.D.


I joined ASU's psychology faculty in 2005 after completing my graduate studies in the Quantitative Methods Division of the Department of Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Contact Information

Assistant Professor
112-D Smith Wright Hall
Wiley F. Smith Department of Psychology
222 Joyce Lawrence Lane
Appalachian State University
Boone NC 28608
828.262.2489 (voice)
828.262.2974 (fax)

My curriculum vitae is available here. [PDF, 112K]

Webb photo


My primary research interests are individual differences in cognitive and non-cognitive attributes, the implications of those individual differences, and integrative models of cross-attribute trait constellations. My research investigates the scientific, social, and developmental implications of individual and group differences in cognitive and non-cognitive (e.g., interests, values, personality) traits in the context of person-environment fit. A major focus of this line of research is the development of intellectual talent, particularly mathematical and scientific talent, across the lifespan. Finally, in some of my research, I am examining issues related to work-family balance, particularly how men and women view their personal and life choices in these domains similarly and differently.

Publications available in PDF are listed below.

Webb, R. M., Lubinski, D., & Benbow, C. P. (2007). Spatial ability: A neglected dimension in talent searches for intellectually precocious youth. Journal of Educational Psychology, 99, 397-420. [PDF, 955K]

Bleske-Rechek, A., Zeug, N., & Webb, R. M. (2007). Discrepant performance on multiple-choice and short answer assessments and the relation of performance to general scholastic aptitude. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 32, 89-105. [PDF, 104K]

Lubinski, D., Benbow, C. P., Webb, R. M., & Bleske-Rechek, A. (2006). Tracking exceptional human capital over two decades. Psychological Science, 17, 194-199. [PDF, 133K]

Webb, R. M., Lubinski, D., & Benbow, C. P. (2002). Mathematically facile adolescents with math-science aspirations: New perspectives on their educational and vocational development. Journal of Educational Psychology, 94, 785-794. [PDF, 67K]

Bleske-Rechek, A., & Webb, R. M. (2002). Neglected aspects and unsupported claims [Comment]. American Psychologist, 57, 1132-1133. [PDF, 48K]

Lubinski, D., Webb, R. M., Morelock, M. J., & Benbow, C. P. (2001). Top 1 in 10,000: A 10-year follow-up of the profoundly gifted. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 718-729. [PDF, 1419K]



I am currently teaching Psychology of Personality (Psy 2400), and Research Methods (Psy 5020). Syllabi for the current semester are available in PDF below.

Psy 2400 syllabus: Section 103 [PDF, 363K], Section 104 [PDF, 365K]

Psy 5020 syllabus [PDF, 144K]