Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
ASU Box 32067
572 Rivers Street
Boone, NC 28608
Phone: 828-262-7540

Current Students

Eric Cheek (Spring '18) - Independent Research

Developing rating curves for multiple stream monitoring locations in the South Fork New River watershed

Carly Maas (Spring '20) - Senior Thesis

The relationship between electrical conductivity and salinity at monitoring sites in Boone Creek and the South Fork New River

Emily Fedders (Spring '19) - Senior Thesis

Effects of urbanization on air temperature/water temperature relationship in two small mountain streams


Former Students

Michael Yanik '16 - Independent Research

Quantifying groundwater-surface-water interaction in Boone Creek

Alex Beck '15 - Senior Thesis

Quantifying and describing groundwater discharge using streambed temperatures in Boone Creek

Kelli Straka '15 - Independent Research

Effects of road salt application on water quality in a mountainous headwater stream

Claire Harris '14 - Independent Research

Temperature surges in Boone Creek

Sonia Sanchez '14 - Senior Thesis

Relationships between precipitation characteristics and ENSO in the southeastern US

Garrett Thompson '13 - Independent Research (Geology minor)

Temperature measurements in Boone Creek

Ryan Taylor '12 - Independent Research (Environmental Science)

Water quality measurements in Boone Creek

Joshua Rice '10 - Independent Research (Environmental Science)

Urbanization effects on equilibrium stream temperatures

Rachel Storniolo '10 - Senior Thesis

The combined effects of temperature surge and bank storage on streambed temperature profiles

Anna Hazen '10 - Independent Research

On the use of streambed temperatures for estimating baseflow velocity

Will Sautter '09 - Independent Research

Rating curve development in Boone Creek

Joseph Anderson '08 - Senior Thesis

The control of baseflow on stream temperatures in an urbanized high-gradient stream

Jamie Walker '07 - Independent Research

Correlation between lineaments, outcrop fractures, and borehole fractures in the fractured amphibolites of northwestern North Carolina