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Forrest Douglas Roberts, PhD

NOTE: I also hold a certification that is common to accountants. However, I am licensed in the state of Arkansas only and can not publicly use the designation in places like this website as long as I reside in North Carolina unless I apply for an NC license and pay an annual fee.

If you're reading this, one of three things must have brought you here:

1. You made a grave mistake,
2. You're the curious type who strives to visit all web pages, or
3. You're taking a class from me and wondering just what lurks behind my sophisticated exterior.

For whatever reason, here's the short version of all that is contained within these pages.

On my professional life:

I'm the Department Chair and a Professor of Accounting at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, having gone through 22 years of schooling (no that is not a typo, although it may be considered somewhat of a waste of time). The funny thing is that I hated school through high school and didn't care much for college - it wasn't until I realized that work was so much work that I longed to be back in school. After putting in time in public accounting, private accounting, and a short stint in marketing research, I took the plunge into "professional student" life (i.e., being a professor).

On my personal life:

My personal life includes a lovely wife and three kids (ages 18, 14, and 12 as of this writing in 2017). Most important to my life is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is my reason for being. More can be found out about my journey to salvation through Christ at one of the links below. Feel free to email me or ask personally, and I'll happily tell you more.

On Accounting:

About the profession I chose: I like Accounting. I'm not sure why, but I do. I'm not really even sure how I ended up in Accounting. After a Freshman year of taking math and science and goofing off primarily, with grades that were not that good, I knew my path of "just taking classes with no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do" wasn't a good plan. Being the slacker that I was though, I continued that path by signing up for whatever classes I could find. Somehow I ended up in an introductory accounting class (I'm sure I must have thought something in business would be a good idea since I didn't like math and science). I did well and continued with it, again, not thinking about what that meant long-term. I truly was clueless. In fact, my last semester in school I wasn't even looking for a job. I assume my parents had no idea or they might have been scared I would be asking to move back home after graduating. Anyway, I did get a job; it sort of found me (although I think more likely it was God's provision). And here I am. All in all, I believe accounting is the best major for anyone wanting to pursue anything within the field of business, and there are plenty of paths to take within the accounting profession to avoid those areas that you are less than enthusiastic about.

On looking further:

Feel free to peruse the rest of my website. Don't hesitate to call on me for anything you need - I might not know the answer, but I may know someone who does. On questions of life, I do know Someone who has all the answers. Take care.

You can conquer your fear as I did...

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Last revised: April 4, 2017.