Current Research Sites:


Current research in Tanzania is in collaboration with Dr. Cindy Liutkus and Dr. Sarah Carmichael on the Engare Sero Footprint site. At this locality hundreds of early human footprints are preserved in hardened volcanic ash. In addition to providing volcanological context for the footprint site, I also have various smaller projects for students to work on, including characterizing a nearby volcano that is primarily composed of armored lapilli.


Each summer, I take students to Iceland for a field course as well as to collect data and samples for individual research projects. My current research interests lie in subglacial volcanic processes and the products they create. I have a project that looks to determine the eruptive sequence of Torfatindur; a large ridgeline produced by a fissure eruption beneath an expansive glacier.

North Cascades:

Xenoliths are common in the many igneous plutons within the North Cascades. In the Aasgard Pass area of the Enchantments there is an exceptionally high concentration of basaltic xenoliths. Students interested in igneous petrology could work on a project characterizing and constraining the origin of these inclusions.