Here’s how to complete the CARES Act Emergency Grant Application

Please note, if you are ineligible to receive CARES Act funding, or you are still experiencing financial hardship after receiving your CARES Act disbursement, the Mountaineer Emergency Fund may be able to help. Click here to learn more.

Step 1: Log into AppalNet at

Click “AppalNet Self Service.”

Applanet login

Enter your username and password to log in:

Applanet username

Once you are logged in, go the “Student” Tab and click on “Student Accounts:”

Student Tab

After you click on “Student Accounts” you should see the following:

Student Accounts

Step 2: Click on “CARES Act emergency grant application”

Students who are eligible will see the message below:

eligible student message

Students who are not currently eligible will see the message below:

not eligible student message

Follow the link to complete the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible, as the deadline for applying for CARES grants is July 31, 2020. We will continue pre-qualifying students through July 31, 2020, so once you complete the FAFSA, check back to see if your eligibility status changes. If you are facing significant financial challenges that are negatively affecting your academic success, please reach out to the Mountaineer Emergency Fund.

Step 3: Select one of two options:

  • Click “Attest” to accept the relief aid if the statement regarding eligible expenses is true for your situation. Choose a primary expense. This does not have to be your only expense, and you do not need to calculate your expenses to accept this relief aid, but you MUST have eligible expenses caused by the disruptions of COVID-19. Upon clicking “Attest” you will see this confirmation screen:
    Accept fund offer
  • Click “Decline” if you do not have any qualifying expenses or do not wish to receive the CARES-HEERF relief funding. Upon clicking “Decline, you will see this confirmation screen:
    Decline fund offer