Updated March 9, 2020

Posted March 9, 2020 at 3:28 p.m.

Policies and guidance as of March 9, 2020:

  • Classes will continue as scheduled. At this time, there are no public health recommendations to cancel classes, but faculty may choose to take classes online as they determine best meets the needs of their classes. Please see memo to faculty and staff from Academic Affairs. Faculty are encouraged to utilize Center for Academic Excellence resources to assist students who may need to attend classes remotely.
  • While there are currently no cases of COVID-19 in western North Carolina, anyone who is feeling sick should stay home. Per CDC guidelines for institutions of higher education, faculty are encouraged to make accommodations (e.g., extended due dates, electronic submission of assignments), as possible, for individuals who may be temporarily unable to attend class in the event there are restrictions placed on them related to possible exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • For international travel, the university is using the U.S. CDC Level 2 Travel Warning to make determinations to suspend an education abroad program or prohibit international travel for faculty and staff. Under this temporary threshold, the University Travel Warning Policy will be suspended and appeals will be allowed only for students and faculty/staff who are already abroad. University personnel will not be reimbursed for travels to these areas. Office of International Education and Development website.
  • The university has no current restrictions underway for domestic travel. At this time, there are no broad-based public health recommendations for students or faculty who have traveled domestically to self-isolate or voluntarily quarantine at this time. We continue to encourage consideration of CDC and State Department guidance. App State's COVID-19 resources.
  • The university has no current restrictions underway for events. At this time, there are no public health recommendations to cancel or postpone public events. Anyone who is sick should not attend.
  • Building Services staff have increased frequency of cleaning, and have ensured EPA-registered hospital disinfectants are consistently used to clean residence halls, classrooms, offices, public spaces and other facilities and equipment
  • With regard to any coronavirus-related expenses that your respective divisions may incur, please instruct your departments to continue covering these expenses with existing available funds, while also ensuring that these costs are being properly tracked and documented. Prior to fiscal year-end, these charges will be reviewed and qualified expenses may be transferred over to a central emergency management fund. Questions about this may be directed to the Budget Office staff.
  • Compassion is key. It is important to remember that students, faculty and staff have friends, family and loved ones in areas that are at higher risk than in the United States and remain compassionate to their worries and concerns about their loved ones.
  • Check your facts. Rumors and incorrect information are circulating on social media and in other settings. It is important to rely on official sources of information for facts about COVID-19 and not to share unconfirmed information. App State's COVID-19 resources.