Arabidopsis flowers

Dr. Annkatrin Rose

Plant Molecular Biologist

Department of Biology
Appalachian State University

Pet Rescue

I have been volunteering, fostering, and fundraising for the local pet rescue High Country Friends for Life for several years and taken pictures of their cats for Petfinder. They took animals out of Animal Control and tried to find them homes or at least foster homes until they could be adopted. They stopped operating when Animal Control merged with the Watauga Humane Society in 2011 when the new shelter was finished.

Ways you can help:

  • Foster or adopt a cat or dog
  • Volunteer to help with pet fairs and other events
  • Volunteer at the shelter to walk the dogs or spend some time in the cat room
  • Help spread the word to those looking for a new pet
  • Donate to help cover vet costs, food, litter, toys etc.
  • Help organize fundraising events
  • Use your artistic skills to design signs and flyers
  • Think of more ways to help - there are many!

Students: You can get involved and get credit for it through programs at the ACT Community Outreach Center.