Theatre in Europe, Past & Present is a six-credit study abroad program. Each participant registers for the following two courses*:

THR 3730 Early Theatre History and Literature (3 s.h.)**
--Core Curriculum: counts as Humanities and Fine Arts, plus Writing, Cross-Disciplinary, and Multicultural Designators
--General Education Curriculum: counts in the "Religion, Myth, and Society" Historical and Social Perspectives theme
--Theatre Major: Required course

THR 3531 Special Topics: Contemporary Theatre and Culture in Europe (3 s.h.)
--Core Curriculum: can apply for it to fulfill Humanities requirement
--General Concentration Theatre Major: counts as an elective

*IMPORTANT NOTE: There are required course meetings from 5:00-6:00 on Tuesdays during the SPRING SEMESTER preceding the program. You MUST be available to attend these meetings to participate in the program.

**ANOTHER NOTE: If you have already completed THR 3730, it may be possible to register you for a THR independent study instead and arrange some alternate assignments. Please contact Paulette Marty if you are interested in pursuing this option.

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