"What I have taken away from this program is more than just sights and information.  It's a feeling of accomplishment.  A feeling of being a part of something."**

May 12 - June 5, 2014

This site contains information about the Appalachian State University "Theatre in Europe, Past and Present" study abroad program which is led by Theatre & Dance professors Paulette Marty and Sue Williams.

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2012 Participants at Versailles Palace in France

Front Row: Traci Bryant, Allison Shaw, Kayla Gahagan, Emily Candelario, Colleen Longo, Virginia Parker, Jake Dailey, TJ Scott
Back Row: Sue Williams, Melanie Miller, Jon Greene, Victor Rivera, Kellie Letner, Shelby Lingerfelt, Katie Hickling, Paulette Marty,
Tyler Gibson, Brett Stafford, Caroline Reid

2010 Participants at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Front Row: Amy Fine, Carlyn Holland, Stephanie Grasso, Paulette Marty
Second Row: LB Brown, Will Gwyn, Liz Anderson, Lauren Flynn, Hannah Fuller, Erika Hogan, Sue Williams, LJ Kennedy
Back Row: Allison Collins, Kelley Hayward, Josh Warthen, Joe Rollins

2008 Participants at Warwick Castle in England

Kneeling: Paulette Marty, Kate Bakewell, Christina Hardin, Laura Williams
Crouching: Ashley Childers, Kat Chaffin
Standing: Audra LaMontagne, James Houston, Brandy Cantrell, Brian Seagroves,
Amy Stein, Jordan Westra, James Ward, Sue Williams


**All quotes in peach are from the journals of students who have participated in the program





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